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URL Encoder / Decoder

Use the net tool from on top of to either encrypt or rewrite a string of text. For worldwide ability, URIs got to be encoded uniformly. To map the big selection of characters used worldwide into the sixty around allowed characters in a very URI, a ballroom dancing method is used:

Convert the character string into a sequence of bytes victimization the UTF-8 cryptography
Convert every computer memory unit that's not Associate in Nursing computer code letter or digit to %HH, wherever HH is that the positional notation worth of the computer memory unit

For example, the string: François, would be encoded as: Fran%C3%A7ois

This web content encodes or decodes a string victimization universal resource locator cryptography. universal resource locator cryptography is employed once inserting text in a very question string to avoid it going long-winded with the universal resource locator itself. it's ordinarily used once the browser sends type knowledge to an internet server. universal resource locator cryptography, conjointly referred to as Percent-encoding, may be a mechanism for cryptography info in a very Uniform Resource symbol (URI) below sure circumstances. though it's referred to as universal resource locator cryptography it's, in fact, used additional usually among the most Uniform Resource symbol (URI) set, which incorporates each Uniform Resource surveyor (URL) and Uniform Resource Name (URN). in and of itself it's conjointly utilized in the preparation of information of the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" media sort, as is usually utilized in the submission of hypertext mark-up language type knowledge in communications protocol requests.

Why would you utilize universal resource locator Encoding?

While knowledge that has been entered in hypertext mark-up language forms square measure submitted, the shape field values Associate in Nursingd names square measure encoded and transfer to the server in an communications protocol request message utilizing POST or GET methodology, or, traditionally, by email. The cryptography utilised by default is specifically supported Associate in Nursing early version of the overall URI p.c cryptography pointers, with some modifications, for instance, newline standardisation and ever-changing areas with "+" instead of "%20". The MIME knowledge sort encoded this manner is x-www-form-URL encoded, and it's presently outlined within the X-Forms and hypertext mark-up language specifications. Moreover, the CGI specification includes rules for the way servers rewrite this kind of information and build it out there to apps. whereas sent in communications protocol GET request, x-www-form-URL encoded knowledge is contained within the question section of the requested internet universal resource locator. whereas sent in POST communications protocol request or via email, the knowledge is found within the message body, and therefore the name of the media sort is concerned in Content-Type header of the message.