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About URL Rewriting Tool

URL Rewriting Tool

The address editing Tool from good SEO Tools helps you to rewrite the dynamic address. it's quite versatile and user friendly. The dynamic address editor tool uses Apache's mod rewrite module to convert long advanced dynamic URLs into programme friendly static markup language urls.

Why it Iis nice to own clean URL's?

There might be 2 terribly robust reasons for you to rewrite your URLs. one in all them is expounded to go looking Engine optimisation. It appears that search engines square measure far more comfortable with URLs that do not contain long question strings. address rewite rules square measure wont to convert dynamic URLs into programme friendly links. These programme friendly static URLs usually rank higher in search engines and might attract a lot of traffic as they invariably look a lot of friendlier to the top users.

A address like http://www.domain.com/4/basic.html may be indexed abundant easier, whereas its dynamic type, https://www.domain.com/cgi-bin/gen.php?id=1453&view=basic, will truly confuse the search engines and cause them to miss presumably necessary info contained within the address, and therefore preventing you from obtaining the expected ranking.

With clean URLs, the search engines will distinguish folder names and might establish real links to keywords. question string parameters appear to be associate impediment in a very search engine's decide to perform the categorisation. several of the SEO professionals agree that dynamic (a.k.a. dirty) URLs aren't terribly appealing to internet spiders, whereas static URLs have bigger visibility in their "eyes".

How it works address rewriting?

Static URLs square measure proverbial to be higher than Dynamic URLs owing to variety of reasons:

1.Static URLs generally Rank higher in search engines.
Search Engines square measure proverbial to index the content of dynamic pages tons slower compared to static pages.
3.Static URLs square measure invariably a lot of friendlier wanting to the top Users.